Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hi Symboline Dai:

I'm a regular reader of yours on the boston phoenix site. It's great. My husband will be 50 on January 1. I just turned 50 this past June 2. Hope we are compatible! ;-)

Thanks, Angela

HI Angela
Thank you for reading! Gemini/Capricorn is an unconventional but potentially successful match b/c of extreme differences in perspective, energy level and priorities. Very interdependent as long as each respects the other. This was a fun combo to write about in my book, THE ASTROLOGICAL ELEMENTS. Happy half-century and the worst of times will never be that terrible b/c you have Jupiter alleviating your Saturns.

ad astra
Symboline Dai

Monday, September 5, 2011

Followup on Reading

Hi Symboline,

Hope you are doing well. I'm not sure you're interested but thought you may be interested in a followup to the reading you gave me a couple weeks ago. You said today, sept 4 I would have an ephiphany on my retreat. Well, I just did. A. my sort-of boyfriend completely ignored me all week like I wasn't even here at all, then a couple of hours ago I accidently overheard him propositioning another teacher here. I confronted him and he totally denied it. So its completely over between us because of it. I wanted to let you know you were right. I wish it was a nicer ephiphany but at least it was totally clear.

Dear C.
WOW, the stars definitely wanted to get your attention! I am so sorry for <3break aspect of this -- bear in mind, I'm just looking at the math/geometry of symbols, so how it plays out is always a surprise.

My condolences, and now you can move forward as there's room for someone better to come along in the fullness of time! And here's the thing -- as you know, being a Cancer, you have huge capacity for loyalty to a loved one. The flipside of that is that when someone is DISloyal, it's not that difficult to disengage. From now through mid-September, Mars in your sun sign is making it easy to make decisions and make big changes that need to be made.

And, my .02 on A.: What a stinkeroo! Good that you know this now -- and feel sorry for the next temporary object-of-his-whim....

Thanks for writing / Symboline

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Saturn crossing ascendant

Hey Symboline!

Love the blog idea! If you're looking for fodder... I've got Saturn crossing my ascendant this fall (beginning in November). Great time to be working at a demanding yet rewarding job, right? (I got called back to teach 6th grade at a school with a very LONG day.)


Dear M.,
It never rains but it avalanches. Saturn is currently in Libra, so this will be true for a lot of folks. Saturn crossing ascendant also means others will see you as a more responsible (demanding), authoritative (limitsetting) person. Last time I had that in the 80s, I went from being a writer for the Phoenix to a writer for the Phoenix, Boston Herald, Rolling Stone and the Village Voice and other mags.....The work can come. Are you taking it??

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome back....

To the "Dear Symboline" page. You can post here, or email me at I will respond ASAP, and will keep letters on page. It's been too long since we did this!