Monday, September 5, 2011

Followup on Reading

Hi Symboline,

Hope you are doing well. I'm not sure you're interested but thought you may be interested in a followup to the reading you gave me a couple weeks ago. You said today, sept 4 I would have an ephiphany on my retreat. Well, I just did. A. my sort-of boyfriend completely ignored me all week like I wasn't even here at all, then a couple of hours ago I accidently overheard him propositioning another teacher here. I confronted him and he totally denied it. So its completely over between us because of it. I wanted to let you know you were right. I wish it was a nicer ephiphany but at least it was totally clear.

Dear C.
WOW, the stars definitely wanted to get your attention! I am so sorry for <3break aspect of this -- bear in mind, I'm just looking at the math/geometry of symbols, so how it plays out is always a surprise.

My condolences, and now you can move forward as there's room for someone better to come along in the fullness of time! And here's the thing -- as you know, being a Cancer, you have huge capacity for loyalty to a loved one. The flipside of that is that when someone is DISloyal, it's not that difficult to disengage. From now through mid-September, Mars in your sun sign is making it easy to make decisions and make big changes that need to be made.

And, my .02 on A.: What a stinkeroo! Good that you know this now -- and feel sorry for the next temporary object-of-his-whim....

Thanks for writing / Symboline

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