Thursday, September 1, 2011

Saturn crossing ascendant

Hey Symboline!

Love the blog idea! If you're looking for fodder... I've got Saturn crossing my ascendant this fall (beginning in November). Great time to be working at a demanding yet rewarding job, right? (I got called back to teach 6th grade at a school with a very LONG day.)


Dear M.,
It never rains but it avalanches. Saturn is currently in Libra, so this will be true for a lot of folks. Saturn crossing ascendant also means others will see you as a more responsible (demanding), authoritative (limitsetting) person. Last time I had that in the 80s, I went from being a writer for the Phoenix to a writer for the Phoenix, Boston Herald, Rolling Stone and the Village Voice and other mags.....The work can come. Are you taking it??

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